Communication & Social Media Policy

Last updated: June 14th, 2020

This policy has been created to protect client security, privacy and the therapeutic relationship.

*Interacting: If you need to contact this counsellor please call the office number: 902-562-7421. This counsellor does not communicate via text message or social media platforms. The office will return messages received by telephone, email & contact form within two business days unless on vacation.

*Emailing: If you wish to use email for on-going communication regarding appointment times or billing/receipts, you will have an opportunity to sign a consent form during your initial appointment, giving the counsellor permission to communicate via email. Email will not be used to discuss personal matters or the content in therapy sessions; it will be strictly used for administrative purposes. Please be advised that this counsellor uses a secure, encrypted email platform (Hushmail), but emailing from your own electronic device may not be completely secure or confidential. Emails will be documented on your client file, becoming part of your legal record. Use this means of communication at your own discretion.

*Website Contact Form: This business’s website is made available for information purposes only. A secure, encrypted contact form is also made available on the website for clients to make appointments or gain information from the counsellor. As mentioned above, if you request an email back, please be advised that this means of communication may not be completely secure or confidential. If you are concerned about someone viewing your email, please leave a call back number on the form instead. This interaction will also be documented and reflected in your client file.

*JaneApp & Software: Natasha LeBlanc Counselling & Social Work uses a third party software called Jane to provide you with online booking, online video counselling and a secure location to share files/documents with you. Using the Jane software requires registration, which involves you receiving emails from Jane. Jane will only email appointment reminders, alerts, receipts but will not display any detailed information until you sign into your secure account. Online booking & signing up for Jane is completely optional. If you don’t wish to sign up with this software you have the option of the following:

  • Booking appointments via secure contact form or by calling the office
  • Cancelling appointments via secure contact form or by calling the office
  • Receiving counselling via telephone rather than via video
  • Having forms/ receipts mailed to you or arranged for pick up at the office

For more information, Jane Software policy’s can be found here:​ &

*Friending: This counsellor has a personal presence on social media, separate from Natasha LeBlanc Counselling & Social Work business accounts. This counsellor will not accept friend requests from any former or current clients (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.).

*Following: This counsellor & business will not follow any clients on social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, etc.). There is no expectation for clients to follow this business’s Facebook page or social media postings. The business listing is available on social media for information purposes only and not a request for ratings, “likes”, or testimonials. Please be aware that if you do decide to follow a Facebook page other people in your social media circle may be able to view this action.

*Use of search engines: This counsellor will not use search engines or social media platforms to gain information about clients. In rare circumstances that involve a crisis (if you are in danger), the counsellor may use internet searches to reach you, after other means of communicating with you and/or your emergency contacts have failed.

​*Location Based-Services: If you use location-based services on your mobile phone, you may wish to be aware of the privacy issues related to using these services. If you have GPS tracking enabled on your device or a tracking app downloaded on your device, it is possible that others may surmise your location. Please check & change your security settings on your electronic device if you are concerned about this issue.

​*Business review sites: This business may appear on sites such as Yelp, Google or other places which list businesses. Many of these sites automatically add business listings, without gaining permission from the business owner. If you should find this business on any of these sites, please know that it is not a request for a testimonial, rating, or endorsement from you as client. Please be aware that if you decide to write a review, it will be made public and could compromise your confidentiality. Consider concealing identifying information when writing a review to protect your privacy.

Thank you for taking the time to review this communication & social media policy. If you have any questions or concerns please contact me at the following: 902-562-7421

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