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By Master Marcos Starling

There are countless ways to defend yourself in and from violent situation. Though the optimal case is not to be involved in one at all, it is best to think about a situation in the most realistic sense as far as being prepared to defend yourself, your family member or friend. A street fight or violent situation rarely occurs as it does in movies and historically, the more prepared opponent wins. As humans, we have the been outfitted with the most deadly weapons outside of super sharp teeth, poisons or stinging tails; although many times it can be a sharp tongue that can get us into trouble.

Here are some tips on the best tools you have in your arsenal that increase your chances of surviving a dangerous confrontation, or not getting into one at all:

1. Awareness - So let's call this "using your head", but figuratively in this case. Above all, you must be aware of your surroundings at all times, especially if you are in a location of which you are not familiar. In the art of war, the element of surprise is the best tool in an army's arsenal. That stands true in street situations as well. Know who is around you, possible hazards, exit routes, and makeshift weapons you have at your disposal either on your person or in the vicinity. Having this information at the ready cuts down on your reaction time and increases the probability of exiting a situation before it occurs or escalates. "Street smarts" prove to be invaluable in decreasing the probability of involvement in a dangerous encounter.

2. Training - You do not need to be an expert black-belt to defend yourself and survive an attack. Having knowledge about self-defense is a great start, however you do need to be in somewhat in good shape and have some training in specialized self-defense. Unfortunately, wildly flailing your arms and screaming or curling up in the fetal position is not going to get you out of a hazardous situation. As situations escalate and the body enters fight or flight mode, the efficiency of the cardiovascular and muscular system has a huge determination on the outcome of the confrontation. Stamina, strength, training, focus and clarity all take part in determining they outcome of the situation. So training not only includes self defense repetition to increase muscle memory, it also includes training your body to be in good physical and mental shape to deal when the situation occurs.

3. Your body - the knowledge of your anatomy will unveil your physical weapons that take minimum effort of training to be able to use in case the need of physical contact arises. There actually are many, but here are the most easy and effective as far as striking:

A. Head Butt - very effective at close range, when you are being grabbed, locked in a bear hug, ect.

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B. Elbow: a very destructive weapon. When effectively utilized, it can cause severe damage in your assailant. It also can be used in several different angles.

C. Knees: very effective in close quarters as well, even striking the legs with with a knee can cause opponent to fall and be unable to walk.

Taking care of personal safety is the responsibility of each and every person. Waiting for authorities to arrive in an emergency may be minutes or seconds too late. Having the training, knowledge and confidence to successfully navigate a dangerous situation can mean the difference between severe injury and steering clear of a bad outcome. If the need to engage does arise, choosing the right personal weapon is very important and does take repetitions in training for the proper reaction. It is equally as important to know where to strike and improvise, as every situation is unique.

What other inherent abilities are we born with that allow us to be effective in combat?

Master Marcos Starling has created a system called survival combat, based on Krav Maga, taekwondo, hap-ki-do, and jiu-jitsu. You have the opportunity to work and train with him and see that self-defense is not only a learning opportunity, but also a chance to get a great workout.

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