Anxiety, Depression and Trauma Therapy


Anxiety can be experienced in the mind, body and/or in social situations. Some individuals describe it as having “racing thoughts”, intense fear, and physical reactions, like a rapid heartbeat. Depending on the situation, anxiety can be normal and helpful. But sometimes it can become too much and impact our day to day lives.


Depression can cause low mood, feelings of hopelessness and a drop in motivation, amongst other problematic symptoms. Feeling depressed doesn’t necessarily indicate a mood disorder, but therapy can help improve symptoms either way.

Loss & Grief

We all experience grief at some point in life and it can be one of the most painful events. Intense emotions such as sadness, anger, shock, guilt and relief are common, while also confusing. Experiencing grief is not always associated with death, but can also be present with the loss of a relationship, job, or family role.


Trauma can be caused by a one-time event or multiple negative experiences over time. It often results from a life threatening or physically/emotionally harmful event. What is traumatic for one person, might not always be traumatic for another. Symptoms may include sleep disturbances, intense fear, flashbacks, emotional outbursts, and feelings of panic, to name a few.

Life Transitions

As we grow, we move through different stages of life. For some individuals this could mean moving to a different country, enrolling in University, entering a new relationship, starting a family, accepting a new job or adapting to a health diagnosis. Life transitions can give us opportunities to learn new skills and can also be a time when we need extra support.

Burn Out & Stress Management

We all experience stress throughout our day and this is very normal. In small doses, stress can surprisingly be positive; by motivating us to achieve goals, helping us to build problem solving skills, and pushing us to seek out social support. However, when we experience stress in high doses and over extended periods of time it can cause health issues, low mood, sleep disturbances, and overwhelming feelings.


  • Perinatal & Post-partum Depression/Anxiety
  • Coping with Learning Disabilities​
  • Regulating Emotions
  • Student & Athlete Mental Health
  • Procrastination
  • Perfectionism

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